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Hazel Fern Scent Descriptions

This list is not all inclusive and some fragrances may not be available all year round, but please contact us as we may be able to make something for you on the list.

Apple Clove

Perfect blend of apples, cloves, and spices.

Apple Pie

Apples, spices, pie crust. 


Bamboo, orris, vanilla orchid, clove leaf.


Balance is fresh pine trees and the chilled forest blended with warm cinnamon and spice. 

Bay Rum

Traditional aftershave scent with allspice, nutmeg, pine, orange, and clove.

Be Free

This is an uplifting and unique blend of patchouli, thunderstorm, and clear mountain air.

Beaches & Cream

A tropical delight. Coconut cream, ripe strawberries, vanilla.


A warm, slightly spicy masculine fragrance with notes of vetiver, bergamot and patchouli with a creamy undertone

Berry Sunrise

Tropical blend sweet & juicy raspberries & strawberries with a hint of vanilla and coconut.


Buttery sweet vanilla cookies with almonds.

Blue Moon

Night blooming flowers, clear spring water rushing down a rocky mountain and the biting note of ozone. Feminine and clean, not a heavy floral.

Blueberry Pancakes

Steamy buttermilk pancakes full of ripe, sweet blueberries with butter and maple syrup.

Butterfly Wings

Light and clean blend of apple blossom, lily, and greenery. 

Buttered Rum

Hot rum with butter and a splash of maple syrup.  

Caramel Pineapple

Sweet pineapple and thick caramel.

Cheery Cherry

Potent, pure cherry.

Cherry Mead

Intoxicating sweet cherries and cider notes.

Cherry Nut

Cherries and nuts.

Chocolate Amber

Decadent chocolate scent with undertones of patchouli & musk.

Chocolate Cherry

Wonderful cherry scent with deep chocolate notes.

Christmas Morning

Steamy cinnamon rolls and fresh Christmas tree. 

Christmas Past

A warm Edwardian Christmas in the parlour. The scent of spiced apple jelly wafting through pine bough decked halls.

Christmas Tea

Hot spiced tea.


Hot, sweet cinnamon.

Cinnamon Buns

Sticky cinnamon rolls swimming in icing and butter.

Clarity/Lavender Chamomile

Herbal blend of lavender and chamomile. Very fresh and clean.


Courtesan is deep, rich sugary sweetness with a side of sexy. Very similar to the popular perfume, Pink Sugar.

Cranberry Spice

Sweet spiced cranberry sauce. 

Dark Moon

Black tea, night blooming jasmine and sandalwood.


Arched eyebrows over mischevious eyes, sweet pipe tobacco, milky black tea, and a hint of dying flowers sitting in the darkend corner of a 19th century cad's library.


December is a complex fragrance that invokes memories of the winter holidays, snow days and warming your feet by a crackling fire. Effervescent notes of pine, berries, spices and snow bring this one to life. Similar to Bath and Body Works' "Winter" fragrance.


Very similar to BBW Cool Citrus Basil.

Dragon's Blood

The popular incense aroma. This is a very strong fragrance. Warm, resinous and with a powdery base. We sell out of this quickly at festivals and fairs.

Emerald City

A very green scent perfect year round. A wonderful odor eliminator as well. Notes of green tea, green leaves, ozone, & a touch of jasmine. 

Fairy Garden

Beautiful blend of white gardenia, cinnamon, clove, rain, and nutmeg.

Fig Pudding

Holiday spices, dried figs, vanilla.


Fiery hot cinnamon, blackberries, raspberries, and mulberries.

Flaming Marshmallow

Fat, sugary marshmallows roasting over a wood fire.

Floral Bouquet

Just like walking into a flower shop.


A smooth blend of juicy berries with a touch of citrus and apple and just the slightest hint of white flowers.

Full Moon

Bright, bubbling notes of vanilla and champagne. This fragrance has a true effervescent quality that will wake you up.


Delicious, spicy and hot gingerbread.

Golden Opium

Resinous and exotic fragrance of patchouli, vetiver, myrrh and musk with hints of jasmine, carnation, cyclamen, and clove.


Well, it's grape.


The lovely Italian nut. This fragrance is mouthwatering on its own or used in conjunction with our other gourmand fragrances such as Cinnamon, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, or Let Them Eat Cake. The possibilities are extensive!


Pure sweet, juicy honeycrisp apple fragrance.

Honeydew Melon

Ripe, juicy honeydew melon

Hot Chocolate

Milky hot chocolate. Creamy and sweet.  

Ireland by Moonlight

A very clean & green scent of moss, ocean, ozone, and a few wildflowers. 

Kettle Corn

Buttery popcorn with a touch of caramelized sugar sweetness.

La Fee Verte

Absinthe, "La Fee Verte" or "The Green Fairy," is a heavily alcoholic anise flavored beverage that was long banned in the USA. It is traditionally made with wormwood, anise and fennel. The rich, heady fragrance of La Fee Verte. Heavy on the anise with touches of cinnamon, herbs and spices, it's a wonderful way to enjoy a bit of Absinthe without the hangover.

Lady in Waiting

A white floral perfume type with gourmand notes of caramelized vanilla absolute. A balance of dark and light. 

Lavender Vanilla

A soft balance of lavender flowers and rich vanilla. A very clean fragrance.

Lemon Frost

A fresh, clean spa fragrance and a great odor eliminator.

Let Them Eat Cake

It has long been said that Queen Marie Antoinette exclaimed "Let them eat cake" when informed that there was no bread left in France. Whether or not the doomed queen actually uttered those words is something for the historians to decide. What we do know is that our Let Them Eat Cake fragrance will fill your home with the fragrance of the warm, scrumptious confection.


The intoxicating aroma of fresh lilacs. Very true to life.

Lime Berry

Clear and fresh lime and berry

Love Spell

Very much like the popular Victoria's Secret perfume. Cherry blossom, apple, peach and white wood.

Maple Syrup
Pure Vermont maple.


Fat, sugary sweet marshmallows


Ozone, a bit of rain, sweetgrass

Michigan Mist

Sweet mint, a snowstorm, cedar, & cypress

Midnight Margaritas

Tart & tangy lime with a dusting of salt and a vanilla anchor.


Sparkling champagne & orange juice with a hint of cherry.


Very warm and spicy blend of cinnamon, clove & nutmeg. This is a powerful fragrance with an undertone of bakery sweetness.


Juicy mulberries.

Nag Champa

A popular Indian fragrance used in incense, soap and other toiletries. Sweet, woody, resinous. Notes of sandalwood, plumeria, patchouli and jasmine. Perfect for meditation, prayer and reflection.


Alluring and sensual blend of Egyptian musk and red currants.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

Delicious blend of sweetened vanilla milk, honey, and oats.


Salty ocean breeze

Orange Clove

Sweet succulent orange saturated with the warm spicy fragrance of clove.

Parisian Market

Heavy floral fragrance. Iris blossom, tuberose, roses, carnations.


100% Patchouli essential oil.

Peach Pie

Pleasant peaches and pie crust.

Peaches & Tea

Delicious black tea with peach notes. 

Peppermint Rose

A unique blend suggested by one of our best friends, Heather. A lovely balance of iced peppermint and pink roses.

Prairie Grass

Tall grasses in the summer sun.

Pumpkin Bread

Rich, sweet pumpkin bread. Spicy cinnamon & nutmeg, almond, and pumpkin with notes of salty butter. Perfect for fall or any time you want your environment to smell delicious.

Pumpkin Butter

Pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and ginger with sweet sugar and a whisper of apple. This is our best selling fragrance in candles and melts/tarts.

Purple Cow

Grape and vanilla.


Simple, dew kissed summer roses. 

Rosemary Mint

A cool blend of rosemary and mint. Very similar to Aveda's popular hair care products.


Rosewood, cedar, and sandalwood with a touch of rose.


Knock your socks off happy hour. The heavy scent of cherry almond amaretto liqueur commingling with dark rum. Don't fall off the boat.

Sage Moss

A unisex fragrance of deep forest aromas.

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